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What is your proposed model vs. Spiral Dynamics / Ken Wilber. It seems like you offer just an only slightly tweeked fulsome version in Integral Consciousness…Might I be mistaken?What is your model on offer, and how have you gone beyond mere tweeking?1Edit or delete thisLike · Reply · 2dSteve McIntoshSteve McIntosh Hi Roshi Renlo, I appreciate your interest in my work. As I mentioned above, my new book, Developmental Politics, offers a somewhat different way to understand the evolutionary stages of consciousness and culture. Like I said, I still accept much of the Wilberian/SD model, but my thinking has evolved since I wrote Integral Consciousness in 2007. In Developmental Politics I emphasize the partial independence of intersubjective structures. My focus is more on cultural worldviews as large-scale systems of agreement than on the subjective psychological structures (stages of consciousness) that are the main focus of the Wilberian/SD model. While useful, I think developmental psychology can only take us so far, and I offer some critiques in chapter 2 in the section titled “the developmental logic of cultural evolution” (pp. 24-28), and then further in the book’s appendix (pp. 171-178). I can’t summarize those critiques here, but if you will read those sections of the book, I’d be happy to dialogue with you about them.

Reediting and updating a spiritual vision

Brett Meta Deity Sangha

Speaking from the abstract (desire)

My desire is to create a blog that will extend to others in terms of Integrative Metatheory, and universalism.

I think my target audience is hinduism/buddhism/integral, but we can expand.

I want to accelerate the spread of depth, and I want to give other people the tools to create procreatively these purposes.

Daring to dream (dream big)

I dream of having a dharma/gospel-centric institute that preaches universalism, creating an integral department of peace, and establishing singularities of nonduality throughout this Kosm.

How can our human institutes coax and establish the peace between samsara and nirvana? Even AI and the meta human mind?AND HOW CAN WE act humanely as to deliver international products and meaning? Evolutionary requisites in terms of transmodernism and expanding to metaintegral evolutionary visions online, and empowering 3rd tier (indigo) revolutions? Ah we will see. Vision:
An ability to basically create a universal library of all human knowledge and thought: To cull the best, and integrating our vision with the millenials, and with multinational (multi spatial) politics.

(actual) Final project vision

The final idea is to establish extensive meditative academies to educate people and to carry out extensive research in brain-mind interfacing as well as bring out the traditional knowledge of islam, christianity, buddhism, and hinduism to the fore: spirit brain hybrids. I really want to push the limits of scientific knowledge. I want to establish the goal of creating a solid spiritual foundation in all world’s religions, and doing it in their terms. We can bring all minds together great minds and liberate our public consciousness.

MetaPocalypse: Calling for a New Buddhism

Where is our will to power??? The pulse of a world ruled in defiance to the overbearing human spirit. The ultimate Nietzschean question.

Those with the most money: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk

Are they worth the estimates in excess of 100 billion dollars, or do they just retain arbitrary power like the ancient kaisers and kaiserins of germany?
Arbitrarily appointed godly leaders? What is this? Inferior scientific minds, embedded in the hyperspace of the post-kaiser post-modernity.

Where is the godly appointment of actual saints among men? That is, of real leadership an upgrade of the status quo of humanity: freedom from evolution co-occuring with the freedom to evolve. A will to the within…

Where is our trans-evolutionary movement?
We must be the movers and shakers, of a new movement, however arbitararily fragmented of a systemic galactic library… A universal metalanguage of all knowledge and data. We can weave these pieces back together.

Where is our will to power??? The pulse of a world ruled in defiance to the overbearing human spirit. The ultimate Nietzschean question.

Integral Church launches first Virtual Circle

Integral Church


Welcome to Integral Church. 

  1. We are an interfaith circle composed of people of different beliefs, traditions and paths. We are atheist, Buddhist, Catholic, Sufi, Baha’i, Jew, Muslim, Taoist, new age mystics and universalists. We are all born into or have entered through the front door of a belief system — a view of the world, a cosmology — and we exit through the back door into the lush, shared garden courtyard of interfaith dialogue and deep religious pluralism.
  2. Our circle is interspiritual. We have different practices, prayers, songs, sacred texts and ways of making meaning. We enjoy trying these practices on to see how they feel and if they “work.” We are willing participants in the experiment of understanding Spirit (as a force or presence) and spirituality (as an attitude and line of development).
  3. Our circle is integral. We include everyone’s values, politics, ways of being and doing…

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Embracing Four Quadrant Materialism: for all ages

Let’s say we are going to use the four quadrants as a heuristics. The four methods of knowing man/woman.
We start in the lower right and upper right, the finite cause and the exceptional cause, respectively. From there, we proceed to the lower left, the synthetic cause (mental), arriving finally at the infinite cause (spiritual).
This shows us the basic limits of logic (methodological causes), synthetic, or proactive logic (ontological causes), and translogic (transfinite, indeterminate nonduality).

Unconscious Regimes (Epistemes) of Spirit Qualia

That’s Spirit too
(Spirit) The spirit and intution of the infinite……..
I awaken you in the morning….
(Spirit) Vague echos of Courage, Prudence, Charity, and Faith support the meaning.

That’s Mind too
I am a collective! I am the collective evolution, no longer an unconscious mind at the service of science, bathwater religion.

That’s Body too.
I am unconsciousness as sleeping material. My heart reaks of spirit, but my head respresents a foundationalist naturalism, in perpetua. Discourse regimes en route to more anti-consumer quantology.

Goodness, Beauty and Truth

Goodness is the substantive logos, which is not only quantized, but felt. It is the umwelt, the world’s being in itself. Substantive in measure, but generative in scope. High in process, but deep in metaphorical ontology.
Beauty is depth-in-itself. Passion-in-itself. Being for being. Knowing for knowing. Intuitive science sans intuitive science.
Truth is the measure of being, the world as flux. Total mobility of meaning, with limitless flows of material process, pre-karmic and anti-cultural, anty beautific habitus.

Integral Skillful means towards Oneness with God

Quadrant Paths

Level Paths

Line Paths

State Paths

Type Paths

Self-system Paths (?)

Shadow Paths

misc. Paths

Comprehending Communicative Networks: Netocratic Principia

Dear friends and readers of this blog, if there is such a thing as a netocracy, a world formed by networks, and their hyperreal simulation as simultaneous events of both mental signifiers and physical signifieds, then that integral netocracy must have some kind of internal logic.
Now what we have done is differentiated on a path to integrating a list of the three principles of social cognition which have validity to this network era, and science more broadly.

If you will, a type of non-abstract Principia Metamoderna discrete mathematics effort, but it is simultaneously so much more than that, if you can understand the underlying spiritual logic.

The following list is suggestive in good faith and spiritual knowledge not only for a broad science, but for a new trans-relativist Principia of the meta-moderna phase space we are now in as a transformative culture.

Netocratic Principia
1) enact spiritual (transphysically {translogically} enactivate) networks
2) prehend mental (visually (dia-logic) transcend) networks
3) nonexclude physical (communicatively (monologically) differentiate) networks.