Central Calls for Christian Vision (visionary science) in an Integral Era. Joining Hands to Depolarize and Reform The Natural Spiritual Core of The Extreme Right

Hello all ye pilgrims. All ye fellow souls. If you are a Christian then this article is for you…

In the 21st century, there are two major universal and interlinked problems that the Christian mythos (the Christian worldview) is facing internally within the next millenia. I hope to offer clarity.

An autentication and legitimation crisis. Two separate issues of sociological import, which if redressed mean the survival of the Christian Faith. How we handle them decides whether christianity can survive in the Postmodern world.

Broad? Yes…

So…what are the ever so pressing disasters looming ahead?? Aside from the tide of fake news, dictatorships such as those in Burma, etc.?

My friends, we seem to readily intuit a collapsing social order. Co-vid 19, Trump’s election. Brexit.

Dear friends what about our own order?

Have we not intuited it wholesale? Might we present our own symptomology, as Nietzsche said in Beyond Good and Evil – rather presciently though? Are we not gripped by our own pressing resentment? A desire for growth?

I intend to investigate the root of Christian power, and how to keep Christianity going…

Numero 1. Kindly, I submit @ my #fellow Christian pilgrims, that what today passes for Christianity is a religion that has long since forgotten the perennial philosophy, ideology, psychology, etc. embraced by Leibniz, the rationalists, and back to Plotinus, the great proto-Augistinian!! Body, mind, spirit, soul. Who are we without these Truths?

Oneness, metanoia, transcendence with God our Father in prayer is the universal redemption of our species in hindsight as we see amidst the iron age of caged buildings and “postmodern art drivel.” Old monastics kept the tradition of spiritual earnest – Thomas Merton, Father Keeting – but the Perennial mystic path has been closed for the better part of the last 3 solid centuries! If this resonates, good. I do not mean to deceive. The individualist interpretation of the bible means conforming with the charitable works of the protestant Diocyes, so to speak. Only half ironically. Ironically this dry cloth – of spiritual faith – loosens us from our only hope from the materialist prison of an seemingly irredeemable modernity. So i argue.

So my friends, Transcendence, mystic transcendence, illumination, Godhead. Call it by any name. This is one of the vexing sociological losses of our present era – in the industrial and post-industrial hellscape as I endearingly call it. Yet the redeemable grace remains within the silence of none other than the inward turned heart.

The inner revolution. The God which is No God (Meister Eckhart). The legitimation crisis of a christ-loving humanity is also a spiritual authenticity crisis in full.

2. In most ocassions in our society Christianity is the perennial psychology of hatred against one’s neighbor. Christianity has become the laughing stock of latter day atheists and postodernists alike. Art has advanced, liberation has advanced, but sadly christianity remains in the back of the pack. At the end of the day – as in spite of its early mysticism – in spite of our mystical process – particularistic and ethnonationalistic beliefs triumph. This lack of advancement – evolutionary lag – compounds the struggle for a religion set free. The question arises: why christian theology? Much of it is simply magic and mythic carry over from undeveloped medieval scripturalization, before even a commons wad instituted agaisnt slavery. The religion of tomorrow must educate the postmodern religio of our time, with haste, helping all universal christians along the way. That is a truly holistic embrace.

Thank you for your time.

If you got this far I really salute you.

Well… blessings. These are just some thoughts for you, and just some ways we may steward the global issues-at-hand we are now facing in the coming decade with grace and grit. Amen. In glory thank you all again.

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