The individual vs. Social quadrants

The individual is Ken Wilber’s pre-eminent area of concern.
Wilber Phase 3 (holarchic), culminated with Wilber Phase 4 (holonic). Tetra-arising

Although Wilber has included social collectives, he is known, and will be known by history as a pre-eminent individual Ascender. One who transcends.
Buddhists are likely to consider him an Arahat, and he will be understood as an incredible East-West synthesizer, far vaster than Sri Aurobindo. Perhaps in 100 years a global planetary confederation may consider Wilber akin to a Hegel in overall developmental output (and style), and magniloquence.

We know that Ken’s Integral Institute went down the tank for a variety of social circumstances, and some of his main impacts are in very refined scholarly research, however, his larger impact has not broken through to the level of a Hegel, Foucault, a Derrida, or a Max Weber. In other words the social quadrants are out of touch with the individual development. Evolution’s leading edge is at a standstill as postmodernism saturates our culture.

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