Philosophy of the post-postmodern

ENDOXA (as per Aristotle), community of adequate

Integral Scholars – relatively rare
Integral practicioners usually include integral scholars
Integral Babies, usually genX people, see clint Fuchs, Zak Stein, Corey Devos
Integral deep philosophers…

DIALECTICS (per Aristotle) major debates

The major dialectical debates in the field are between spirituality, and naive epistemic realism (narrow science)
Another debate is between integralists and non-integralists….
Spirituality vs. philosophy (Mcintosh vs. Wilber)
There are also political debates (Orange vs. Green meme), i.e. tolerance vs. merit
The other debates are between evolution, and Eros

EPISTEMOLOGY – VisionLogic awareness, network logic, transcendental reason (as per hegel)

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