Metamodern speculations on Transcendental Reason

Reason – ratio, measure – has the desire to criticize, but also to make critical. The truth doesn’t exist “out there”, philosophically, already for us to observe! Imagine if it did!

Perhaps yes. But not philosophically feasible…, yet while good and practical reason makes us aware of our commitment to REALISM, it also should seek a greater comittment to move beyond SIMPLE realism.

Simple reason – the reason of descartes – is the old paradigm. Even cognitive science is recognizes that simple reason does not explain the nature of immanent physical cognition.What I would love to suggest with that quote is that science contains a subjective element or anti-entropic REALITY, based on systems theory, and that this applies to a science of cultural application.

sr. Hegel understood the logic of immanence and self-transcendence logically. However, his science (the phenomenology of spirit) lacked any interobjective systems theory, or web-of-life application of the spiritual cognition of Universal REASON (integral cognition), which we have now, and was rather turned into a metaphysics of pure realism see: communism, and mythological welfare .

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