The horizon of time in nature is not trans-directional, since the trans-directional implies the omni-directionality of finance Capital.
God is not returning to us in a trans-directional sense of “rationality” and contemporary expressions of such (capitalism), but rather in formative meta- communities, and what I mean by that I will pursue later…
For now, in the hegelian Marxist, and yet determinist sense, one may just as easily posit that a meta- community will reach the endpoint of capitalism, historicism, or suchlike.
But due to postmodern indeterminacy (or the meta turn), an “endpoint” is not so much the end of possibilism, hierarchy, and unified cultural determinism, but rather such a transvaluation of ends, as such.
That is to say, the Soviet Union’s collapse, and suchlike we are now seeing with the transvaluation (or re- estimation) of news (fake news), sexual preference (queer theory), and a host of almost quasi-hegelian small culture wars are all symbols of meta- community.

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