Notes from The Mcintosh

What is your proposed model vs. Spiral Dynamics / Ken Wilber. It seems like you offer just an only slightly tweeked fulsome version in Integral Consciousness…Might I be mistaken?What is your model on offer, and how have you gone beyond mere tweeking?1Edit or delete thisLike · Reply · 2dSteve McIntoshSteve McIntosh Hi Roshi Renlo, I appreciate your interest in my work. As I mentioned above, my new book, Developmental Politics, offers a somewhat different way to understand the evolutionary stages of consciousness and culture. Like I said, I still accept much of the Wilberian/SD model, but my thinking has evolved since I wrote Integral Consciousness in 2007. In Developmental Politics I emphasize the partial independence of intersubjective structures. My focus is more on cultural worldviews as large-scale systems of agreement than on the subjective psychological structures (stages of consciousness) that are the main focus of the Wilberian/SD model. While useful, I think developmental psychology can only take us so far, and I offer some critiques in chapter 2 in the section titled “the developmental logic of cultural evolution” (pp. 24-28), and then further in the book’s appendix (pp. 171-178). I can’t summarize those critiques here, but if you will read those sections of the book, I’d be happy to dialogue with you about them.

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