Levels of human Psycho-culture

Tribal contribution to spiral:
Family and kinship loyalty; strong sense of the enchantment of the world; innocence; imagination; closeness to nature
Warrior contribution to spiral:
Individual empowerment; initiative; action orientation
Traditional contribution to spiral: sense of civic duty; law and order; respect for authority; strong moral regard for group members; preserves traditions; loyalty; hope, and a strong sense of faith
Modernist contribution to spiral: meritocracy; upward mobility; the middle class; excellence through competition; science; technology; confidence in progress

Postmodern contribution to spiral:
worldcentric morality; recognition of human potential; increased responsibility for people and the planet; compassion and inclusion; celebration of the feminine; renewed spiritual freedom and creativity
Integral contribution to spiral:
practical worldcentric morality; compassion for all worldviews; revival of philosophy; seeing spirituality in evolution; overcoming culture war; renewed insistence on achieving results

From book Integral Consciousness, thanks Dr. Steve Mcintosh for providing the angles

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