The Standard Biden 1 2

Sanders has just suffered an upset to his front-runner status. Right now it seems that Biden will be the nominee (3/4/2020).
It also seems that the corporate state has collectively coronated him.

So what is the status of the would be political revolution of the left (not violent revolution)? This remains to be known.

Terry Patten, an Integral luminary, has suggested that Biden will lead a seemingly insurgent round-about Tea Party Left movement.

While, on another front, the political commentator ThouArtThat0, a youtube Whiteheadian neurosophist, has indicated that the fight is still on, that Bernie can upend this re-insurrection fought so hard by an entitled corporate liberal establishment.

Independently, Eric Weinstein, within hours of victory, has compared this election to a grave and surreal pathological blackhole, gnawing for our attention, and yet with every interaction bringing closer to a decreased feeling of wholeness and yet a potentially deepening apathetic withdrawal.

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