Hypernetica: Engineering Adaptive Business With Truth, Beauty, And Goodness

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

The WHY of the Eros In Action orientation is the general understanding of the absolute balance of business and spirit. The vision involves a prototype of an integral civilization. By incorporating this business we plan to create a commonwealth of esoteric knowledge. In order to effect our business, we will need strong specialists of truth (priests, shamans, yogis). In order to advance the prototype of truth, we need to synthesize diversity. This website is a self-righteous attempt to orient ourselves. We are attempting to distill all of human esoterica, psychology, and philosophy, culture, and technology. By integrating these frameworks of knowledge, we bring the medicine of dharma directly to the people through interactive universal government. But beyond that, the new integral vision compassionately embraces all cultural networks, weaving all, reassessing the fabric of the Kosmos, and bringing out the esoteric truth within humanity. New 2nd tier interdisciplinary systems can be made for the masses. High brow and low brow society will once again meet and merge. Enlightenment is not a side effect of ratio, order and logic. The new enlightenment is about creating a gateway of intution, depth, and faith. The steady vision remains to balance wisdom, life and society as essential assets within the creation of a new economy. The old internet was a nodal system. The Integral Internet will be a prevailing thoughtform for the 21st century. The metaphor of the internet is giving way to the hyper-net. Spiritually adept entrepreneurs are creating powerful new visions. We must steal fire from the gods, in essence. Instead of holding these blanket truths to be self evident, they must be time tested by science. We create a net positive for society by acting on behalf of the evolutionary givens within us all. How we motivate Free Will, Love, and Light (the big three), truth, beauty, and goodness, is the core truth which gives us our direct activity. It is time to integrate the spiral as active agency within the smallest actuality. THOSE who act as conscious agents, activate the vital principles of Creativity, thus bestow themselves with the timeless knowledge of their one true Self, the one true Culture, and the one true Nature. OM

The true HOW of my business is the adoption of integral methodology. We will use an AQAL model to ensure the psychological health of recipients, the cultural fertility and adaptability, the social system truth, and final product safety checks. This will be adopted in order to ensure effective interdisciplinary adoption. Integral methodologies do enable instrumental communication of higher business values, but they remain as optional banners. The final business will contain a systems department, a cultural department, and an enlightenment department, all of them integrating and cross-breeding, offering nested (holarchic) distillations of existential values.

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